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Why buy from Love Shapewear?Why buy from Love Shapewear?

Not all shapewear works, that's why Love Shapewear was born! We only stock shapewear products we consider to be the best because they are the ones that will give you the results you really want, will be most comfortable, and will last.

Don't just take our word for it! We have a panel of women like you that review all of our shapewear products before we sell them. We also enable our customers to review each product too and share these shapewear reviews online to help other women choose the right products for them. We will NEVER sell poor quality cheap shapewear.

  • • We only stock shapewear brands and products we consider to be the best
  • • We have a panel of real women that review all of our products before we sell them to ensure they meet our high standards
  • • We publish reviews by our customers so you can see what they think of our products and see if they are right for you
  • • Safe shopping and reliable delivery (we are definitely a company you can trust!)
  • • You deserve Shapewear that works, is comfortable, and will last... and that is the only shapewear we will sell.


"Sexy shapewear at last! Thank you Love Shapewear"! - Sarah

Love Shapewear review

"The best selection of shapewear products I have found" - Alison


 "Michelle at Love Shapewear
was so helpful, guiding me through how to select the right product" - Becky

“All the best shapewear brands in one place! How convenient” - Louise 

Shapewear reviews from our panel & by customers like you.Shapewear reviews from our panel & by customers like you.

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How do you know what shapewear will work best for you? Which shapewear brands will provide the quality you desire? What shapewear products will solve your problem area? Which shapewear provides the best value for money? How much should you spend on shapewear? Will the shapewear be comfortable?

Often buying shapewear is not as easy as it should be, and the questions above are just some that will get asked. The aim of Love Shapewear is to make the buying process easier for you by enabling customers to leave honest shapewear reviews which you can learn from. You will find these shapewear reviews on the individual product pages.

By letting you read shapewear reviews we hope you will find shapewear that you will love and recommend to your friends, these are genuine shapewear reviews


Read our panel reviews
In addition to customer reviews we have a panel of real women that review our products and these shapewear reviews are posted in our blog. Here you can see the profile of each panelist along with their vital statistics and their shapewear reviews.

We are honest to say that not all shapewear will suit every women. We all come in different shapes and sizes and the benefits you achieve will vary from product to product. All of our shapewear is great, but you need to get the products most suited to you, we only want to sell you shapewear that will make you feel fantastic.

Why do we only stock the best shapewear brands?Why do we only stock the best shapewear brands?

Love Shapewear's aim was always to only sell high quality shapewear brands that we are proud to be associated with. So we have chosen the brands we sell very very carefully.

There are many shapewear brands now available but the difference in quality and results can be outstanding. With the shapewear brands we offer you, you can be assured that they are high quality brands and that you are getting incredible value for money.


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